Leaf Run and Body Slams

Perhaps I had read one too many pro-photographer’s autumn photo shoot posts. The perfect light amongst brilliant fall leaves thrown in the air and cascading perfectly down while my subjects dazzle with uproarious smiles of joy…

My expectations, just maybe, were a little high.

Okay, no throwing of leaves then, how about a lay down in them!

Errr, a shot of Miss Brennyn walking away from me in disgust is not worth the space.

Oh I know, I’ve been wanting a sparkly eyed close-up one for a while and the muted tones of fall in the background would be brilliant.

Hmmmm, I said background…

But that is super cute, no?

Which is about when I clue in that my hyper-vigilant want for something specific was disrupting me being present to what is. So frustrating that as often as I learn this lesson, I forget it. Still, I can be encouraged that I catch on much faster than I used to.

At any rate, Peek-a-Boo Giant Leafs is a turning point, and my girl, she wants to play. Her way.

After a little fall off the swing, and a little cry, mommy gives the swing a go and dramatically falls off with a flourish, then a whimper too.

I guess she wants to make me feel better…

My kid happens to find running in the leaves so much more enjoyable then throwing them. So run she does. Tackle Mommy she does too. And I guess how can you not when your mommy is sprawled flat-out in a bed of leaves. It screams, body slam!
That last picture there, all sideways and toppled, that’s after the tackle, and these ones here, with leaves below us and leaves above us, are of us rolling (and giggling!)

As we gaze up into the golden embrace, a single leaf falls, dances really, twirling and spinning down, down, down upon us.


Always present, if we are present to it.

Lesson learned.

From my kids.



One thought on “Leaf Run and Body Slams

  1. Location location location! LOVE that spot. Thanks for the reminder. We should try to get out there! This week I had a spontaneous photo shoot in the leaves with karis. she was totally game. can’t wait for more leaf play this season! LOVE the photo of brennyn by the standing by the swing!

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