Great. Full. Weekend.

I wasn’t sure where to start with my post on Thanksgiving and gratitude. Then I turned my head to the right and was reminded of yesterdays reading nook.

My Thanksgiving gift to my girls was The Little Yellow Leaf (thank you Kristin!) because there is never a bad time or place to give the gift of a book. And I pulled out An Awesome Book of Thanks and Be Happy, two books that get regular rotation but were especially apt here on this day of thanks. Girls on their bellies, hands under their chin, I read to them under the unseasonably warm sun. Hearing their friends outside just as we are finishing, they bolt for the door and while Bal hangs outside with them, I lay in my sunny nook and finish reading my own book, Looking For Alaska (2nd John Green book I’ve read and adored).

For sunny afternoon reads, with my girls, and without, I am thankful.

When the girls find their way back indoors, I ask them what they are grateful for. Brennyn answers first,


Then Kaya,

“For Rainbow Park, even though there were no rainbows there, and for rainbows, and for biking with mommy today and doing it on the road and going really far!”

She’s talking about our family trip to Whistler for some beach and biking fun. So Brennyn pipes up too,

“I’m happy about biking with my family and sandcastles!”

“I’m thankful about train rides!”

“Oh, me too, me too! Big trains and little trains! And Thomas tattoos!”

“And running in the Corn Maze! And pumpkins and playing with Uncle Craig and Auntie Robyn and seeing rainbow birds!”

“And pumpkins!”

“I already said that.”

“No you didn’t.”

“Yes I did.”

“No, you didn’t.”

Hmmm, let’s stop there shall we? Before our attitudes get the best of our gratitudes…

Full of thanks:

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One thought on “Great. Full. Weekend.

  1. yay for awesome books and colourful photos! love love love the photo of kaya walking into the corn and the red barn! so great! i must get the name and address of the place you went to. lets chat about it at school. ; )

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