Real Deal Family Photo

“Photography is not a contest…
It’s about being a witness to your times.” ~Rich Remsberg

Oh my times, they are hilarious.

For the start of Brennyn’s preschool, we were asked to fill one of those mini photo albums. Though I have tons (tons!) of photos we could fill it with, it struck me that there were no recent family photos. Lots of the girls, of course. Lots of Bal with the girls or me with the girls but no full family shots!

Since we were at the pumpkin patch with my brother and sister-in-law, it seemed the perfect time to nab a family shot.

I give you Take 1.

Take 2 might possibly be my favourite family photo ever…

Moving on, one is feeling better and the other, well, where did that girl get to?

And finally, Take 4, what happens when we plea ‘nice smiles please!’

Though I wanted a ‘nice’ family photo, these here, these are the snapshots of our times, perfect in their authenticity.


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