Me Time, Chief Time

On one of my free four hours, I decide to go for a lovely little stroll straight up a mountain 600 metres over 1.7km. Perhaps stroll is not the appropriate word. Lovely neither.

The higher I climb, the higher my expletive count. Just as I am cursing knee joints, muscles, nature, ME time, hunger pains, tree roots and pretty much existence as I know it, I happen upon this decorated trail marker,

Sorry for the blur, it was still dark in the forest, phone has no flash and my hands were shaking from exhaustion!

and I smile.

Shortly after, the sun says hello.
And I smile.

My body still aches, there is still more to climb, but my mind no longer begrudges.

Even when approaching ladders and chains to grasp onto otherwise there will be no making it up, my mood sees it as an adventure, not torture.

Soon, I have reached the summit of the second peak, where I see this facing south,

and this facing north.

Just look at this sun fanning itself on the mighty granite.

No doubt, the climb is worth it.

Not another soul is upon Peak 2 but I am not lonely. I have a content, peaceful mind, views to marvel and oh, a chipmunk or two keeping me company. Sorry buddy, I packed my lunch for one.

Perhaps his is not so peaceful a mind as he races off looking for a more giving species.

For about half an hour I sit up there in silence. It’s a meditation without trying to meditate, which of course is the best kind.

Eventually a group of four arrives disrupting the quiet, though not the joy. We have a quick chat as only you can at the top of a mountain (you know, full of poetic marvelings at the wonder of it all) and I realize I need to get back down in time to pick up my youngest from preschool.

Down goes smoothly (no falls!), if not gracefully (shaky legs and close-call tumbles!)

I had envisioned my hike alone would give me lots of time to plot Kaya’s birthday or think up some story ideas or I don’t know plan things. Instead I just find quiet. Me and Nature and Exercise, oh there is nothing better for the Soul.


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