Great Gramma

Upon waking from her nap, Brennyn holds on to a knitted quilt and whispers “There are holes in this blankie!”

“Yes,” I tell her “Your Great Gramma made that.”


“Your Great-Gramma. You never knew her but she’s Mommy’s Gramma.”

Looking up at me with enormous, serious eyes, she states “I LOVE HER.”

I chuckle and tell her that my Gramma would be so delighted to know that, then I wonder if she thinks I’m talking about my mom, her Gammy so attempt to make it clearer.

To which she gets even more serious and insistent, “I don’t know her, but I love her.” Her head bobs up and down in an emphatic nod and she repeats, “I love her!”

Though I’ve always felt some sort of connection between my Gramma and Kaya (My gramma died and a few weeks later I got pregnant after 10 months of trying), I’m not sure I felt that was so for Brennyn. Apparently I was wrong. With tears in my eyes, I acknowledge the visit from my Gramma today by hugging my baby girl hard and calling her Ugly Mugly.

(How did my brother and I grow up all those years accepting Ugly Mugly as a term of endearment?! Brennyn would have none of it, insisting on her beauty thank you very much!)

“There are things known and there are things unknown and in between are the doors of perception.” ~Aldous Huxley


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