Summer Isn’t Over

On Saturday, it’s official, Fall arrives. My favourite time of year!

Before that though, regardless the intrusion of school schedules and routines, summer shall not leave blandly.

For there are goofy face-in-pictures to be posed in at various events.

Mary Poppins and don’t tell her any different!

Shadow giants to create.

With grandparents in town, we hit up Whistler for the market, a stroll and, of course, a sunny patio lunch. Fabulous!

There’s no bad time to meet Spidey, but this September finds him scaling ladders and riding bikes (Pedal bike- no training wheels! Go Spidey!)

Don’t you just love this sign? I want one! I saw it after dropping off both kids at school (can I say that again? It’s like music to my ears. ‘drop both kids off at school’) heeheeheeheeheehee!) and I went for a run to a friends house where we have 3 hours to chitchat with nary a child interruption (!!) and she makes me lunch and then I run back to pick up Brennyn. Yes, I had to include all that in my explanation of the sign because, well, this is news!

So yes, it’s still summer and we’re free-ranging all over the place in our neighborhood. With tree climbs,

And hangs.

and business savvy (?)

“You have to pay for rocks!” signed by Kaya, Brennyn and a neighbor friend. You may not be surprised that they had no takers. Daddy to the rescue with a jug of juice! They even got actual money for that juice (change given in rocks!)

If that were not brilliant enough, the next week had them set up a tattoo parlour. Oh yes, I got me a fine grumpy face and half-a-flower (cuz they got bored and climbed a tree instead)

Lazy days on a sunny beach had me notice my reflection in B’s eyes. So I snap a shot.

My camera recharger is broken so while it is being fixed, here another iPhone photo. Sunny umbrella’s make me happy on sunny days.

Shine on September summer! For one more day at least, then Shine On through Fall will yah?!


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