Interrupting Rainbows

My family knows that Tuesday night at 7pm is time to leave Mom alone with her wine, Parenthood, and tears. This is sacred. No whining, sneaky early goodnight kisses, or snack plea better interrupt me.

This past Tuesday, I am interrupted.

For one fleeting moment as I hear those tiny feet making the loudest of clumps down the stairs, I am annoyed. Until my quiet girl doesn’t just speak, but shrieks. “MOM, MOM, MOM, MOM HURRY UP YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS IT IS SO COOL AND YOU HAVE TO SEE AND HURRY UP IT IS SO COOL BEFORE IT’S GONE IT’S A MOON AND COME WITH US!!!”

Immediately I vault myself off the couch, run down the hallway, fling open the door, scoop up naked Brennyn, and run outside with my girls. Because y’all, there is nothing, NOTHING, as important in life as kids being this excited, especially when they’re mine. There we see what we they saw from the bedroom window, a giant splinter of a moon glowing freakishly bright just moments before sinking behind the mountain. Saying that really doesn’t do it justice, nor does my pathetic iPhone 3G photo of it but know this, it was cool. Cooler still? The fact that my girls want to share the wonder so boisterously with me.

In fact, earlier that very day, Kaya and I saw that same moon. We were driving home from music lessons as the sun was setting, casting a pinky glow on the omnipotent Chief. “MOM! LOOK AT THAT!” Kaya shrieks practicing her forte from music (loud!) and scaring me almost right off the road. A vibrant red parachute is drifting amongst the rose granite while a sliver of a giant moon sits magically alongside. Truly it feels like we are in a fairytale. Both Kaya and I are giddy and Kaya decides right there that since I promised her she could hike to the top of the Chief with me next year, she now wants to then parachute OFF of it. Not a chance in hell my lovely. I tell her she can when she’s an adult, but I’m lying…

Similarly, last week my dinner preps are abandoned at my girls screech of “RAINBOW! MOM! R A I N B O W!” For in this house, rainbows trump all else. Seriously. I race out as we all jump up and down chanting “Rainbow! Rainbow! Rainbow!”

Sometimes in adulthood we forget to cheer the rainbows. And sometimes we don’t (LOVE this guy!) Other times, probably most of the time, we acknowledge their beauty with a quiet smile and a sense of calm emanating.

Before kids, this is what I would have done, a happy acknowledgment, an internal thanks.

With kids, oh with kids, I follow their lead and do what I feel, what I wanted to do all along. Squeal! Jump! Applaud! Dance!

Gape, marvel, stay longer than the shoulds may say too.

My family knows all too well when not to bug me. Before coffee, during Parenthood, if I’m in a writing flow… More importantly though, they know when to always, always interrupt.


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