Starting School

Last time I wrote about school, it was day one and I was all cool and not so emotional about it all. Yah, a lot changed after that. First, Kaya spent the first week floating between classrooms whereby the teachers then distributed them between three classes. One Grade 1, one 1-2 split and one K-1 split. Once the split classes came into the mix, I was a wreck. My baby is not ready for Hannah Montana or whatever Grade 2 grown-up stuff may influence her sweet fantastical mind! And won’t a K-1 hold her back?

The teachers weren’t sharing. They weren’t asking either. For all the talk of teachers working with parents, there was no talking to parents here. Which drove me crazy. Don’t I know my kid best?

If I had wrote at that time, you would have seen a rambling rant, of that I am sure. As it is, Kaya ended up where I wanted her (full Grade 1) but beyond that, I learned more about split classes. First of which is that ‘multi-age classrooms’ rather than split classes is the accepted terminology. Ah, semantics!

At the end of the day, I would have ended up being okay with wherever Kaya had ended up after learning about the districs new approach to education. May I humbly suggest there be a new approach to communicating with the families also. Knowledge is power and by not informing me, an engaged parent, you left me feeling helpless and anxious. Do what you should do best. Educate. Multi-age like. Kids, siblings, parents, caretakers- we all benefit.

Regardless all the adult ‘stuff’, Kaya is happy and at the end of the day, that’s all I want.

Brennyn started school too! Preschool!

Somebody was surely excited to go to her first day! (I want to add ‘Bless her!’ here but not sure if that makes me sound religious and/or old…)

She is so ready. A kiss and a wave ‘Bye Mom!’ and off I went. Alone. I had about ten seconds of welling up before cheering in victory. Me time! Bring it!


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