Potty Training

Ok, straight up, potty training is a shitty (hardyharhar!) part of mothering. But it has to be done. Kaya was crazy easy, though still not without the tribulations of being 8 months pregnant hanging out on the bathroom floor waiting to cheer on a poo. Oh how I detest cheering on the poos…

Anyways, Brennyn has not been so easy. She quite simply was not ready for a long time. Then she was, but I wasn’t. Fortunately my mom came to town and got the ball rolling so I had no choice but to roll with it. Here, a couple snapshots of this crappy time in our lives (sorry…)

I ran upstairs leaving Brennyn in the bathroom reading her special potty books. I swear I was only up there for 30 seconds, but come back down to this scene.
Not only has she moved her potty into the kitchen where I had been baking, she has ditched her potty books in favour of my magazines to read, then peeks over the book like I’m insane to be giggling so. ‘Every day scene Mom. No biggy.’ What a nutter!

Okay, so pees she got relatively easy. One box of smarties (a couple doled out for each pee) and she had it. Poo’s, not so much. Those are scary. I’ve tried to explain so very eloquently that poo dropping into a toilet is no scarier THAN CLEANING IT CRAMMED IN A TOO-TIGHT DIAPER FOR THE KAZILLIONTH TIME… Errr, no wait, that was the talk in my head, out loud I think I bribe successful poos with candy necklaces and chocolate dipped ice creams…

You can see, we’ve had successes. Failures too. Anybody else just shamelessly throw pooed-in undies in the trash?

We are getting there. Not having to buy another box of over-priced, wasteful diapers sure is appealing. And squeezing those lil bum cheeks is a treat. Bonus at the wardrobe malfunctions!


2 thoughts on “Potty Training

  1. oh brennyn. i groan, as i have certain stubborn “i’ll go to bed when i want to go to bed” three year old crying by my side as i read through your blog. go brennyn go! get on that potty girl! karis just stopped crying and said, “mom, brennyn’s in your computer” tee hee.

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