Grade 1

Okay, well, Kaya went to school for one hour today. Not feeling as emotional about the whole thing as last year, though still anxious for all the things out of my control. If only I could pick which kids were in her class, choose her teacher, have Jamie Oliver make her lunches… (I’m betting he’d resort to a high percentage of cheese sandwiches too after a valiant, though failed effort to provide variety that actually gets eaten!)

Alas, life does not work that way and she’s got to find her way in the world. Through the fab and the shit. The drab and the bloody brilliant.

Since it is one hour (one hour!) of school today, we don’t have backpacks or lunches or school supplies. Which hardly counts as a first day does it? But I snap a few photos anyways.

Last year for Kindergarten, we got a wood ‘K’ for Kindergarten and Kaya insisted it be pink.

This year, I find a ‘1’ and she insists it be rainbow. I guess this begins a tradition!

Brennyn comes screeching in yelling “I have my B, I have my B! I go to PweeSchool! I go to Pweeschool!” Or maybe it was ‘B’weeschool…

Lest she feel left out, I present both girls.

Then the neighborhood gaggle of girls arrive and pictures are done, thank you very much mom.

Actually, no, I do get my favourite. The one where Kaya runs up, whispers “Mom, look at the moon! It’s almost full! I think it wants me to have fun in Grade 1! Take a picture of me with that!” And they’re all exclamation sentences because they are all whispered exclamations.

For daytime moons, well they bring messages from fairies of best wishes and assurances.

“I think the moon came so that I know Grade 1 is going to be fun and I will like my teacher.”

And with that, we set off for school, where she hugs a friend and chases boys and eagerly enters her class after kisses and hugs to mommy (ah, still kisses and hugs to mommy!)


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