Tire Swing n’ Smooches

Inevitably, Kaya’s first week of school will include the standard This Summer I… assignment. She will, no doubt, finish it with went to the PNE since was Mary Poppins-obsessed has a lot more letters.

Though not a glamorous summer, ours was a gloriously quintessential one. One filled with bugs and trees, bikes and climbs, splashes and paddles. One where schedules were less regimented and spontaneity ruled most of our days. We visit Zoo’s and Fair’s, walk amongst wild flowers and wild berries. Picnics are plentiful, as are lazy mornings, followed up with an adventure of one sort or another.

This, our last weekend of the summer holidays, we visit the Fair at the PNE. We run, we play, we marvel though if you later ask me to share an indelible moment from this summer, it will be the next days adventure that I will relay.

One featuring a run-down tire, a rope and a tree.

Oh sure, throw in a mason jar of flowers on a rustic octagonal picnic bench with a scrumptious breakfast for good measure.

While Bal and I indulge in a Spicy Southern Salami Hash and a Smoked Salmon Bennie, the girls sneak in a bite here and there between giggles and ‘Weeeee’s’
Could I have picked a more perfect day to reacquaint myself with my camera?

Seriously, look at these two!

Kissy, fabulous sisters.

Who think it’s kinda funny to smooch each other so.
Scratch that. Heeeeelarious to smooch each other so.

Before this series of shots, there are about 20 more of them making funny faces through the tire. Grumpy faces, sad faces, and monster faces too. Some are blurry, some are missing one sister, some have one eye open and tongues hanging out. We are all laughing so hard that I just keep shooting hoping I get a goofy shot of my nutty girls. Then they surprise me with a kiss.

And some brilliant smiles.

This Summer I…

was dazzled by my girls, daily.

Not a bad way to spend the summer.


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