A Hodge Podge of Summer

With an assortment of photos from my iPhone in August, I give you a slideshow and couple word update just so they don’t get lost in the abyss of my computer pathetic filing system…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1. I have a brilliant picture of Kaya drumming buck naked but found this one to share for all to see!
2. Look in my rearview mirror to see this goofball on our rather long roadtrip. Don’t ask me how goggles came along for the ride.
3. Hit a crazy storm on the drive. I don’t have power windows. This is what my car looked like after.
4. Sun Peaks Bear
5. Sun Peaks Chair
6. Lots of carousel rides this summer, pretending to be Mary Poppins
7. River bike and play
8. Likewise
9. Amazing trip to the dentist
10. River rocks for our rock garden
11. 3 years old and riding on two wheels. Jeesh.
12. Sand beard
13. Bliss
14. Unicorn spotting on a jeep
15. Zip line park!
16. Dragon fly
17. Wishes
18. Blow
19. Blackberries
20. Neighborhood gaggle of girls by fave tree
21. Instruments
22. Charles Bradley love n’ hugs
23. Uncle visits
24. City and Colour at Live at Squamish
25. View from picnic blanket at Live at Squamish
26. Brennyn fitting in Live at Squamish
27. Kaya wants to be a hula hooper named Rainbow too
28. The moon and Mother Mother
29. Kaya and friend doing a really bad impression of the Mona Lisa at Science World
30. School bell. Kaya is ready!


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