Kickin It Old School

Our last week of summer holidays is not feeling entirely summery. Some gloomy skies and rain (and rainbows!) have kept us closer to home (oh okay, except for an impromptu trip to Science World with friends!)

Potty training is our focus since a certain little missy finally decided to show some interest after a weekend with Gammy lighting a spark. Yay for Gammy! This moment just slays me- Brennyn is in the bathroom sitting on the potty reading some potty books when I run upstairs for the briefest of moments to fetch something, run back down and walk in to this.

Brennyn has moved her potty to the kitchen (where I have been prepping dinner) and ditched her books for some of mommy’s reads. Snort laughing upon seeing her, I practically choke when she peers over the magazine looking as though this scene is entirely normal and therefore my guffaws are entirely inappropriate.

Which only makes me snort harder.

Staying home requires creative thinking in filling the days. We paint, make friendship bracelets (note to Gammy- I make them, Kaya watches me making them… sigh), and put on performances.

This gets us to about 11am…

Fortunately, my mom has brought me a gift. My old Brambly Hedge Tea Set I collected when I was a kid. Collecting things, it’s a kids right of passage I think. Not sure why or how I started collecting mice tea sets, but I did, and today, oh am I glad I did.

While I wash them all and prep some ‘tea’ and snacks, I commandeer the girls to set up our tea party zone.

Obviously feeling the retro vibes, they bring down my old Raggedy Ann blanket (which Kaya has adopted and LOVES!) for our picnic zone. There is also a silly play, ‘just’ play, and reading zone.

Filled with nostalgia and joy, if not vintage-style classy, our retro tea party commences. Oh, and I should mention this is the first time I have picked up my camera in a month and the blurry pictures are a testament to my absence. Dang…

Kaya’s kinda diggin this retro vibe we got going on, so picks up the harmonica of Daddy’s I found for her, and plays us a rockin’ 80’s tune to wrap up our tea party.

With that, I am done. Ready to veg out, maybe read a book while the girls play amongst themselves peacefully…

What’s that?

Excuse me, did you just snort laugh at me?

Yah, well, a girl can dream.

Reality has whining, fighting, sulking

and oh, a wee bit of tormenting.

Fortunately some sun breaks through and I boot them outside suggest some fun-in-the-sun!

Where they get busted digging dog poop,

and Robot dancing to Devo’s ‘Whip It’ Oh yes, a favourite play on our local radio station, the house builders across the street are blasting it and Kaya, well, she’s feelin it.

T-5 days until school.

Bring it.


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