The Way Cool Butterfly

Fortunately, when a moment occurs that just begs to be captured, my iPhone and Instagram have got me covered.

This delicate, white butterfly lands on my vibrant, giggly girl, and well hey, it wants to stick around awhile.

“Mom, I dreamed that and then my dream came true! Just like Velma Gratch!”

Last year, at this very same lake, a butterfly landed on Kaya just the same. Only that time, her first instinct is to flail. No flailing this time around after a year of Kindergarten ‘freeze tag’ and butterfly lessons. Even little flailing sisters don’t prompt it to leave, cozy as it is on vibrant blue under sunny smiles.

Eventually, it flutters off Kaya and onto her buddy Hannah and then off again, with two little sisters in futile pursuit. The big girls smile knowingly, confident that a butterfly didn’t just come for a visit, but a fairy landed to share secrets only big girls can treasure.

Whatever the ‘facts’ of the moment may be, either scenario to me, is all magic.


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