Wassup SUP?

Finally, after inclement weather, Kaya’s cast, and general summer busyness, I got my day on a stand-up paddle board! Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

Out in the middle of the lake, the shoreline dazzles as the sun hits the water, reflecting back up amidst the groves of cedars and firs, where a show of twinkling lights delights as I work my arms and core as I paddle my way around. Hundreds of dragonflies skim the lake and a couple of geese float ahead while wisps of laughter converge at my board from all sides of the lake.

This is peace.

A girlfriend and I are tag-teaming SUPing and child-minding so I head back in for my turn to mind.

Once she comes back full of smiles and contentment, I head out again, though this time with Kaya.She had started at the front of the board, all proper and still, but before long the giggles and jiggles take over and she crawls between my legs to the back. Her fun is my added core workout and if we fall, we will simply add snort-laughing lake water onto our summer sun of fun.

In no time, Kaya is pretty confident that she can do this thing.And not long after that, she’d like to go it alone thank you very much.

Eventually she lets me back on board to guide us in, but then lunges off for a swim to shore.Of course, Kaya can’t have a turn without Brennyn demanding a shot. So I lead her out too.Only to have the reins taken over again. The SUP is so brilliant because of its diversity and ease. I could work out, meditate, launch off, and glide upon it at will. I could bring out the girls where they felt empowered enough to go it alone. It can act as a solitary getaway or a family fun activity.

It provided hours of fun that day and I look forward to another brilliant day of SUPing soon!
Thanks to my friend Heather for having her camera and getting some great shots of me and the girls that day! And for taking her turn watching my two nutters while I skimmed the waters dragonfly style.


One thought on “Wassup SUP?

  1. love love love the shot of the nutters at the end. great photos heather! you guys look gorgeous out there! we recently rented a board for our campsite. it truly is one of the most peaceful activities! …and like you said, offers so many different experiences as well. sounds like it was a great day of SUPing!

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