Priceless Originals

I recently commissioned two artists to create some pieces for our family. You know, because I am a high roller like that.

After requesting a family portrait, I left the mode, style and colours up to the creatives to do what they will.

The results, you will find, are priceless.

Okay, so yah, they come cheap these artists. A few fishy crackers and a promise of a freezie.

Kaya chose to paint and wanted her picture to be vibrant and bright ‘just like The Lorax and Mary Poppins!’

Looking closer, you can see our family skipping amongst the Truffula Trees. In Kaya’s words, “because we want them to be lots and we love them and we are just like Jane and Michaels family (from Mary Poppins) skipping along singing ‘Let’s Go Fly a Kite!”

I can’t begin to describe how much I adore this picture and especially her sentiment behind it.

On to Brennyn and, well, three-year-old art is simply brilliant don’t you think? Brennyn chooses smelly felts as her mode of artistic expression. Perhaps I should also have taken a picture of her nose…

Bal is first, followed by me with the crazy eyes (!), Kaya is looking kinda mad, maybe because she has just one eyebrow, and B has no shoes (much to her annoyance now that it is already framed.)

Admiring it on the wall, I kid you not, Brennyn titles her piece ‘The Zombie, The Ghost, The Alien & The Monster’

(Well she rambles on about Daddy being the Zombie, Mommy being a Ghost and so on, and I succinctly cut all that down to the title!)

Two priceless originals.

The art, sure.

But more precisely, my girls.


3 thoughts on “Priceless Originals

    • Wow, B has never seen the barbapapa’s before but now I’m fairly certain she is a genius… 😉 Seriously, the Barbapapa’s- I’m snort laughing now! Awesomeness

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