Beat the Heat

34 degrees Celcius here today and though we don’t have air-conditioning (house or car),

and we don’t have a pool,

ladybug sprinklers supply us with cooling water

with sprinkles of magic to boot.

Dusty fans dragged out of the garage, allow us to get our hot robot groove on.

I mean, come on, what’s a summer without robotic fan, try-not-to-cut-your-tongue-off, tunes?!

If you’re still feeling hot, double fisting homemade popsicles does the job.

We have several lakes within minutes from our doorstep. An ocean and two rivers too. But on this day, being homebodies seems to be the thing.

Perhaps because last night I practically rolled my eyes and impatiently shooed them away as they came to kiss me goodnight (I was mid movie and a sci-fi fight scene was beginning and I was hot and just wanted to watch my movie… Ah yes, sometimes my great mom moments do not shine so brightly…) Sorry, I digress… Perhaps because of that, tonight I willingly welcome snuggles amidst the heat. Oh sure, maybe not my top pick of what to do this evening, but with two sleepy, cuddly girls having spent an entire day outdoors in our backyard, I let them climb all over me and nestle in while we enjoy down time with cartoons.

Oh, and the fact that they’re still wearing their wet swimsuits certainly helps matters!

Beating the heat, simply.


One thought on “Beat the Heat

  1. what a great capture of the summer heat! can you believe how hot it was/is?!! holy. I’m in the city this week but it seems that its still hotter than usual here too! love love love the sprinkler photos…and you popsicle yumminess! robotic fan voices are so awesome! totally entertaining i bet! ; )

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