Summer Love List

Random samplings of our Summer of Fun.

Ever since putting ‘A Heart Shaped Leaf’ on the girls nature scavenger hunt earlier this summer, both girls find, point out, drag me to, and bring me gifts of nature hearts. What’s not to love about that? And don’t even get me started on how many heart rocks I have. Lovin the lovin!

Grandparent adoration.Okay no, I don’t love seeing my babies sawing with swimsuits and barefeet but oh do I love the smiles of pride at helping Gampa build the house!

The girls meeting a dear old friend of mine (we’ve known each other since we were 5!) and her daughter and daughter’s horse. We were at a horse show so it was busy and hot and a bit overwhelming for the girls but now they are insistent that they need to get on a horse and soon!

Finally stopping at the Country Antiques Store that I want to stop at every time I go visit my mom but never do. Though I don’t buy anything, I want to. So many unique, brilliant finds! Of course, the antique cameras are my fave. Outside, I enjoy this dog flying a plane with a can of Bud at his side.

Flower baskets.

7:30am scream of joy in our US hotel as Canada puts in the goal to win Bronze in women’s soccer. YES! Oh, and a whole lot of other Olympics fun. “Mom, are you ever going to stop watching sports? I want to see cartoons again…”

Kaya enjoying the pool with cast,

and without!

Canoeing and kayaking amongst lilypads and searching for turtles. I’m not confident in my kayak skills so do not bring my camera but should have. So stunning. And though we don’t spot any turtles, later on during our lakeside dinner, the girls and I go for a walk on the dock while waiting for our meal and one swims right on up to us. Hooray!

In fact, we’ve seen a ton of animals we don’t normally. Grouse, loons, gophers, voles, chipmunks (not squirrels), and the most gorgeous deer leaping through a driving range being chased by a dog. Hilarious.

All the ways Kaya pretends she is Mary Poppins, especially the numerous carousel rides where I can watch her face and just know that she is envisioning her alongside Bert and Mary, up and down, up and down, through the vast countryside singing Supercalafragilisticexpealidocious…

Blueberries! This years 20lpd haul has included blueberry crumble, muffins, pancakes and my favourite, heapsfull in granola with french vanilla yogurt. Oh, and a lot frozen for a different kind of mid winter blues.

Drinks and fajitas on an outdoor patio with my mom and my girls.

Then ice cream.

Jungle Mini Golf with Dinosaurs at Castle Fun Park, another stop I always want to stop at but never do. Not until it’s 30 degrees, I’ve been driving 4 hours with no air conditioning and the girls need a place to run wild. The. Perfect. Stop.

Walking out of my first Trader Joe’s visit (we don’t have them in Canada) filled with junk food pretending to be healthy. Ah, dark chocolate espresso beans, candy-coated sunflower seeds, baked cheezies, pink circus kettle corn, natural Fruit Loops… What can I say, it was a novelty and so very cheap compared to Canada pricing.

And my favourite moment of all? (Perhaps favourite moment ever actually!) Walking into a room to find Bal playing the electric guitar, Kaya playing the drums, and Brennyn dancing- all with great gusto. Oh, perhaps I should mention that two out of those three were naked. (Yes, the girls! Distracted mid change into swimsuits, they hear the music and must join!) I have a picture of Kaya drumming in her birthday suit but will save that for family eyes only… lol. So, so great.

Three more fun-filled weeks of summer. What ever will we get up to?!


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