Nature and the PNE

Tuesday after 3pm had a smokin good deal to get into the PNE so that was our plan. Without specifically plotting an opposite morning from the afternoon fair, my subconscious realized some soul food was necessary before the manic busyness of Playland.

A nature hike was clearly in order.

Inspired by a Pinterist pin, we set off with Duct tape around our wrists ready to decorate and dazzle in Nature Bracelets.

Only Pinterest, much like Martha Stewart crafts, only shows the pretty after pictures, primped and perked into perfection by somebody who is not 5 or 3 or can’t be bothered. A mere 30 seconds in, Kaya’s duct tape is grabbing her soft beginnings of arm hair. A few minutes after that, Brennyn squishes hers into a worm like figure that nothing sticks to. Me, I manage to keep mine on for most of our two hour jaunt though my hairs are grabbed too and I’ve never had a wrist sweat so profusely.

Improvising, we put duct tape all over paper on a clipboard and set out for the trails near our house. Amazing how your backyard becomes an oasis of colour and wonder when peered at through observing eyes. Eyes that want to spot every varying colour and shape. Minds that want to hear glorious names (even if they are made up by an inventive mamma!)

Kaya is full on into it, slapping items on, calling excitedly “Mom! Look at this one!”, and remarking that Mary Poppins probably did this same activity with Jane and Michael (we are Mary Poppins obsessed right now!)

Brennyn is along for the ride, happy to just be hanging with mom and sis. Or so I surmise until a certain little monkey takes off her hat, and an assortment of nature treasures falls to the ground. Chipmunk-like, she has been storing away her own supplies, not content to share.

Cheeky Monkey

Fallen on the ground I find three mini pinecones, a rather large stick, a yellow flower and, Miss B informs me, a special rock, though I can not distinguish it from all the other rocks it sits amongst.

Nearing a fork in the path, a biker comes by and tells us the one on the right has a bear on it. We go left since that is our way home anyways and, as Kaya rightly states, “Bears don’t stick to Duck tape”

Back home, B naps before we head for an afternoon at Playland at the PNE!

Oh fine, I exclamate and if you know me at all, you probably know that the PNE is NOT my idea of fun, but this is Kaya’s one huge wishlist for the summer and so must be done. This year though, we decide to go when it is not The Fair at the PNE time which is beyond insane busy.

Instead we choose $9.45 day (as opposed to $29.95 per adult and $19.95 per child) So busy but happily for me, mostly with teenagers on the big rides that we are not going anywhere near. No lines, no waiting and free reign to go on whatever the kids like whenever they like. Heaven.

My favourite was the ferris wheel where I reiterate my explanation to Kaya of ‘butterfly butt’ (after she first here’s it on the chairlift at SunPeaks) Family ride and does not make me want to vomit so a winner for me.

Bal’s was riding alongside a giggly Kaya on the kids rollercoaster while they make funny faces for the camera (Classic shots too though we were to cheap to buy them for $9!)

Kaya informs me her favourite was the family race down the giant slides (only because she says she won even though really I did…)

And Brennyn, she just adored those flying elephants.

The girls, my 3 and 5-year-old kids, are absolutely disgusted that the PNE closes at 7pm, though we ease their sorrows as we are ushered out the exit with hot, melt-in-your mouth sugar-coated mini-donuts.

After downing two bags and a moment of crazies, both girls then sugar-crash out for the 45 minutes to home while Bal drives and I philosophize the opposites of our day.

Nature colours and neon.

Bird chirps and winning bells.

Rocks plunking into the rushing river and train wheels screeching over wooden tracks while kids squeal with glee.

Quiet strolling and manic racing.

Grins of delight and boisterous guffaws of joy.

Family fun and family fun.

Maybe not as opposite as I first surmise.


One thought on “Nature and the PNE

  1. Welcome back! What a fun day. Swinging from one activity to the next, eh?! I am with you on the amusement park thing – so not my thing either..I suppose next year we’ll do what you have done here and skip the crowds! Great tip!

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