Wild Flowers, Wild Girls

Round 1 of the wildflower walk began with my mom and the girls going up the ‘Goblin’. Brennyn, all three and mature, now knows that the word is gondola, not goblin, though ‘Goblin’ is still the preferred terminology in this household. Even here without a gondola in site, only chairlifts.

At any rate, Brennyn is both delighted and slightly terrified at the prospect of going up one. After the first few minutes staring gobsmacked at the height, she manages a nervous smile.

I manage to act all cool, guarding her too small body from a slip by using my arm as her seatbelt, then calmly asking Kaya to “NOT WIGGLE AROUND SO MUCH!” Oh, okay, not cool at all. Does anybody else get butterfly butt?

We make it to the top, run awkwardly off the lift (yes, they are much better suited to skis!), and are greeted with this view.

Brennyn immediately takes over the map and directs the way. She knows as well as I do…

The bottom is not quite so dramatic as the top, but we don’t know that yet and we all marvel the colours and smells.

All my pictures of the girls ended up with one girl out of focus and the in-focused girl with a snarly face. Awesome.

Still, they did try to be cute together.

Though cuteness seems to be just a snapshot in time these days.

This here, yah, this more aptly describes life with my girls these days…

Hilarious! Loving and sweet or manipulative and tormenting? Sisters that. Sisters.

Kaya wants a turn taking pictures.

Lucky for me, Gammy is there to guide the girls and allow me space to snap photos.

Then, after a short loop of flowers and a whole lot of bugs, the girls are done and it’s time to head back down the ‘goblin’.

On the trip down, the girls are beyond thrilled to spot our hotel and the *gasp* POOL! Later, I head back up the mountain while Gammy takes care of naps and pool visits and darned if I don’t feel a surge of joy when, coming back down alone this time, I spot the POOL and know that my GIRLS are in there now splashing and playing!

One last shot before I too am in that pool!


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