A Visit

My friends Kristin and Stacey know a little bit about the benefits of being offline. Kristin recently wrote about creating this space, this time for connection and presence here and recently the girls and I went to visit their camping home away from home.

This is their view right from their trailers. Breathtaking. Breathreceiving too as you stand there staring out at the mountains and waterfall and eagles soaring and river rolling and you just can’t help but fill up with space and contentment and wonder.

And here is from the beach.

The kids feel this energy, this gift that nature provides too. All giddy and joyful to not only see the beauty, but sink their toes right into it.


Thanks to Kristin for this shot! Hilarious!

After 3 or 4 hours, it is time to head home. But not before stopping to take in this,

No, no facebook update could ever fill my soul like a place such as this. Thank you ladies for the visit. Until next time!


One thought on “A Visit

  1. so great. i am glad that you were able to experience what we do when we are there. please know that you are welcome to come out – anytime! don’t you just love that sense of pure fun for kids. it just is, and it IS fun! although know that we usually consume more coolers and chips on the usual day out there. after all, it does enrich the camping experience!

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