Embrace the Unexpected

‘Embrace the Unexpected’ went on my Summer Manifesto after Kaya broke her wrist on the last day of school. We have remembered this mantra a couple of times since and again today when Kaya was supposed to get her cast off, but did not.

I had dreams of renting a SUP this evening and cannonballing into the lake so was slightly disappointed but Kaya just shrugged and wanted to make sure we were still seeing her best friend tomorrow and camping this weekend. Why yes, yes we are so with that, she’s unphased.

Possibly because she hasn’t lacked for anything. She has climbed trees and boulders,

ran through waterparks

(then very responsibly headed to the dryer!)

She even flew down a bouncy castle waterslide.

She will proudly announce to you that she is the only kid in our whole neighborhood that can do a one-handed cartwheel and write with her left hand.

She continues to skip along the ocean,

be right in the (muddy) mix with all her friends,

and is discovering a new kind of art, the left-handed kind!

Embracing the unexpected is what kids do every single day isn’t it? With new things every day to learn and delight, they don’t need a reminder to embrace these things. They just do what they do to grow. Perhaps I really only need one thing on my summer manifesto…

Learn from your kids. They’ve got this JOY stuff down!


2 thoughts on “Embrace the Unexpected

  1. Oh, I just love this last photo of her! What a great smile. Isn’t it interesting that sometimes we, as parents, have more trouble with rolling with the expected or into the “Plan B’s” than our kids do. Sometimes I catch myself holding disappointment that I think belongs to them, but really, its just me and I should just join them in whatever they have moved on to. ; )

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