Tour de France

Six years ago I turned on the Tour de France for the first time. Seven months into my first pregnancy, the summer heat and humidity my nemesis, I remember crawling into bed, fan inches from my face, and turning on this bike race, only because there really was nothing else on.

Intrigued, but also wildly confused, I watched until falling asleep. I fell asleep a lot.

The next year I had a 10 month old who liked to wake up at god-forsaken hours so instead of a 3am George Strombolopoulous summer rerun, I’d turn on the start of the Tour. Until I fell back asleep.

The next year I watched and learned a little more and then came 2009. Brennyn was born July 2nd and the Tour started on the 4th. Live, the race shows here starting at 3am or 5am and I was up, oh was I up a lot, from 3am on. This is when I really got into the sport and started to really understand it. Started to realize that it wasn’t just a race, but layers upon layers of races. I started understanding the strategy and legacy and sportsmanship involved. By this time, I was hooked which meant that instead of nursing my baby and falling back asleep, I would nurse her, and continue watching until the next nursing 2-3 hours later. Great for my increased knowledge of the sport, but horrible for my already sleep-deprived body!

Now, three years later, I so look forward to this time of year. 7am when the girls get up, the Tour (and coffee) propels me enthusiastically out of bed.

This year has been great in that there is an understanding between me and the girls that after they’re fed, they are on their own for free play time while I watch. Most days this has gone smoothly.

Today too, unless you count lipstick face art as unsmooth.

Ah yes, well these two nutters are how I started to watch the Tour in the first place and these pictures prove that a future family trip to the Tour in full crazy costume adornment will have to be in order.


One thought on “Tour de France

  1. Love those little nutters of yours! And boy does this ever make me crave TV. I loved sinking into my Olympic watching in 2010, all that energy and inspiration that comes through the screen in watching people do incredible things. And yay for all those crowds of cheering on the sidelines..or through TV screens! Well done! I bet coffee tastes better while watching the Tour!

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