Simple Summer Pleasures

Water with lemon and mint. My good for me summer drink.

Vodka slushies. My bad for my body but so, so good for my soul summer drink! My friend Nancy made them and well, I was far too busy consuming them to snap a photo. However, the next day I immediately came home, bought a bottle of vodka, and made my own 4L ice cream pail full just waiting to be scooped into by anyone who would like to drop by for a patio beverage. Just sayin…

7-11 free slurpee day. The leftovers turned into Slurpee Cubes much to Kaya’s delight.

Potty success (even in small, intermittent doses…)
Sparkly girly toes. Kaya was the mastermind behind this picture and wants to know if she fooled you!

Summer storm dancing

Oceanside dancing

The free and fun summer Library reading session for Kaya. Alien books and crafts are cool!

Morning ‘play’ while I am left in peace to watch the Tour de France

Gasps of joy at all the little critters the girls find. There are tons of ladybugs out this year though I have yet to manage a good picture of one.

Little surprises discovered in the various community gardens.

Meeting up with friends at the loveliest of places


And really, what would a summer be without Zombies?

Absolutely loving the Zombie, Run! app, the only thing that has successfully got me moving again.

And since Zombies were in my mind space, a Zombie book about Zombie love called Warm Bodies. Quirky, somewhat disturbing, and entirely absorbing. Lovely summer reading (and running) for a sci-fi geek such as myself.


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