Bubble Robot Slow Down

Yesterday cleaners came to wash our siding and outside of our windows. Instead of being grateful for them being here, I am annoyed upon realizing I can not leave the house as they are stationed right outside our garage. I sulk around for a bit, trying to re-plan how I am going to get the errands done, and meet friends, and fit in a Brennyn’s nap, and prep dinner, and…

As my brain’s wheels are turning, the girls start giggling. Maniacally. Like, so crazy I was actually worried that perhaps they were sitting in a moving washing machine, with food dye, creating rainbow suds billowing around my upstairs (my imagination kind of goes off sometimes…) With a quick pace, I booker upstairs.

Only to find them standing on the bed, at the window, as the pressure washer cleaners soap and spray our house. Every time it came near their head, they’d mock a real hit and launch backwards dramatically onto the bed in a fit of hysterics.

My eyes see cleaners. Theirs sees a robotic arm squirting bubbles billowing into a frothy cloud castle.

Bubble Robot moves to the next room and they squeal over to that side, then back and forth, back and forth as they soap, rinse and repeat. As entertaining as an amusement park!

Now I could care less about our errands. I don’t mind being late to meet our friends. I just enjoy this free bit of summer surprise entertainment until they move on, and we can move out. At a slower pace than my instinctual rushed nature of before.

Errands wait til the next day, friends are met, bouncy castle waterslides are enjoyed, Vodka Slushies are consumed, and pizza is ordered.

All thanks to a robot monster cloud castle creator.

I love summer!


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