Slow Pace. With Grace.

Today epitomized my Summer Manifesto desire for ‘Slow Pace. With Grace.’

Slow, nor grace often become me.

Always rushing out the door, stressing myself and my family, leaving a wave of anxiety in our wake. Whether swearing at slow drivers, hurrying eaters, or trying to fill our day with activities, slow is not my strong suit. (Unless you count procrastination as slow because I’m really good at that!)

Grace neither as I shuffle, curse, sigh in exasperation and move us along in frustration.

This summer I am working on that, and today, oh today, I am full of grace.

No stressing about times to be anywhere or expectations of reaching our destination, I calmly pack a picnic, sunscreen, hats, water and a camera. Perhaps I could have included bandaids and afterbite but no matter, we’re tough girls.

I ask the girls first thing in the morning, “Are you ready for an adventure today?”

“YES!” they scream in reply and so I decide, yes, today we will hike to Bolder Caves. Just me and the girls and Riley-Roo. I don’t know the distance, no real concept of if my just turned 3-year-old can handle walking that far but with food and good spirits, we give it a go. And if we just end up having a picnic by the river, that’s totally cool too.

Being present allows for no expectations and without them, suddenly the where’s, how’s, why’s don’t matter much.

What we are doing now is the only thing that does.

Today, we walk.

And walk.

Then we snack.

We wade creeks, together.

Cross over railway tracks.

And snack.

According to the girls, we then cross the most dangerous bridge EVER!

Accomplishing such a feat means, of course, we must snack some more!

As we walk, we try to watch where we’re going but are far too busy looking up, up, waaay up to worry about a few stumbles here and there.

Witnessing the tallest of trees, and brightest of suns, we are awed.

Marveling at these things the girls have never seen before such as giant boulders,

and caves that are really, totally, very cool!

After Kaya insists on rock climbing by rope, in her cast, and little sister wants so very badly to follow, I distract with what else but, ah yes, lunch! Perched upon a boulder, we picnic. Our summer fun list includes waterfall picnic, lake picnic, ocean picnic and river picnic but now we shall add ‘Boulder Picnic’. Fun!

Time to head back

and though Brennyn is getting a little tired,

she makes it all the way back with her big, gorgeous smile still in place.

Just like her sister.

Both with energy to spare loading up mommy’s backpack with special rocks for our in progress rock garden.

Funny how going in with no expectations always results in a successful trip. A 3-hour nature walk with a girl in a cast and just turned 3-year-old? Laughable. Insane. Impossible.

Yet that is what we did, slow in pace, brimming with grace, on this, the most amazing of days.


6 thoughts on “Slow Pace. With Grace.

    • Yes we did! Funny how that was the most dangerous thing ever when they were climbing and bouldering and running straight into dark, unknown caves…

  1. Bolder Caves and I have never heard of this place. I meant to ask you. I love the Brennyn made it all the way! YAY! love the photo of the girls looking up on the bridge. what a capture of expression! no expectations, no plan b’s necessary = awesomeness!

    • I hadn’t either until Mandy camped at Paradise Valley and did it with her boys. The trail after where we got to actually takes you straight up 1km to Brohm Lake. Super cool spot. We’re going to go back and bring Bal next time as it will be a little easier to scramble over and under the boulders with another adult set of hands!

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