Dear Brennyn, (3 years)

Dear Brennyn Claire Risma,

Don’t I sound all official like? Well, it seemed apt to do so since I’ve been using your full name quite often since you seem to be getting in trouble, or at least a disapproving head shake, a lot. But no matter, you just think hearing your full name is hilarious and carry on. You’re kinda cheeky like that!

Well my baby, my wee little thing, it seems as though you are three. Neither of us seems quite ready for that. Me because you’re my baby and it’s unfathomable that three years have passed since your arrival. You because you think diapers and su-su’s are the bomb.

Which brings up your stubborn nature. Doggedly determined you are, to keep these things you have outgrown while at the same time chasing your big sis and her friends for all you are worth. Trying as much to be 5 years old as you are to stay 2. Wanting it all my girl. And damned if you aren’t kind of getting it right now…

This year on your birthday, summer is delayed and my plans for an Alice Lake gathering are quashed. Instead, we invite Hailey and Hannah over for a small, but mighty, party.

When we asked you what you wanted for your birthday, a bee watering can was your answer. Kaya treated!
Bees (and B’s) are pretty awesome you know.

Yah, you do know.

Besides bees, you are loving music these days. Everyday from the backseat of the car I hear “Can you turn that a little bit louder please?” when you hear a song that you like, then “LOUDER!” because I haven’t quite made it loud enough. At home when the music is playing, you immediately dart upstairs to don your bee dress, or a butterfly one or any one that twirls really. And if you’ve lost all of those, Spiderman in heels will do nicely thank you very much.

Knowing your love for music and desire for loud, when I saw this ukulele at the store, it practically danced over and banged me upside the head wanting to get to you. Sure enough, you adore it! With the ukulele featured, accompanied by the microphone, keyboard and goody bag flutes and shakers, we have been treated to many a musical recital or march in the week since by you and Kaya. Oh have we ever been treated…

“Welcome to the show where everybody dances. It starts with the beat!” (Because that is how Kaya’s Dance Recital started!)

Whether kicking up your heels or throwing a toy across the room screaming “Stupid Baby!”, you have no problem showcasing the dramatics. Ah yes, Kaya heard the word at school, said it one time only, but that was enough for you to grab on and play on repeat, louder and louder, no matter the admonishments from your parents.

Your dramatic exit needs improvement though, since the only effect it has is to make me laugh out loud. Pouty lip protruding, shoulders raised, then thrown down in an exasperated (and exaggerated) sigh, you march off down the hall. When nobody comes following, more often than not you reverse the dramatics, come flying back down the hall yelling “I’M HAPPY NOW!”

That too makes me laugh out loud.

Even your speech is dramatic, making sure that we get your point, “Whenever I see a garbage truck…” wait for it

“I see a garbage truck.”

Alrighty then.

“Whenever I want to eat a snackie, I want to eat a snackie.”

One of my favourite moments of late was when you were clutching your magic wand on the walk home from Kaya’s school, waving it madly you command “ABRACADABRA! I turn you into a…


“But I already am a mommy.” I respond.

“But I like that so I want that!” you respond back to which I bend down and give you cuddles and kisses all over.

To which you Abracadabra that I stop that. Hilarious.

Another favourite moment was catching you lounging in Kaya’s bed reading ‘One of Those Days’ by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. I bought this book a while ago for Kaya since I had been having ‘a few of those days’, and she had had ‘a few of those days’ but then after buying it there were none ‘of those days’. So it was that you woke up a complete misery one morning, for no particular reason but that you were out of sorts. So I pulled out that book and both you and Kaya adored it. Seeing that we all have them, that it’s okay, actually lifted your spirits. Kind of. The grumps came easily and often that day so when I am unloading laundry out of the drier and see you laying there, telling your own version of the book, I just stop and listen.

“The boy woke up and he was grumpy like I am grumpy and he turned into a monster and now he is the Grumpalo and the Grumpalo is grumpy but that ice cream makes him smile and then he’s a happy Grumpalo.”

And quite honestly, I think you just confused the Gruffalo with the Grumpalo because ‘grumpy’ was in your head but damned if that is not just about the most brilliant thing ever regardless of how you came upon it. The Grumpalo. Awesome!

Well my B, you are not what I would call an easy child to parent. But you are a joy to. Because as much as you drive me crazy with your stubborn, ignoring, taunting-me ways, I equally admire your feisty, loving, go-for-it attitude.

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”

So says Katharine Hepburn.

So says you.

With infinite love and huggles,
Mommy XOX


2 thoughts on “Dear Brennyn, (3 years)

  1. love love love love love every line of this post! so totally capturing what i know of B and learning more about her little self as well. what a gorgeous note to your girl! ; )

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