Manifestos & Lists for a Joyful Summer

My manifesto is how I want my summer to feel.

I have a list too of specific summer activities to do, though I struggle with the whole checklist concept. For me, a checklist is for compiling things: my backpack for travels or my car for camping. I LOVE making these lists, going through all the needs and wants, prioritizing, sorting, crossing off the list, adding on the new.

But for my life, I don’t want a checklist. I don’t want to do something that becomes then crossed off the list. What if I want to do it again? What if I want to delve deeper? What if I change my mind and decide that is something I don’t want to do? Does it just sit there, the blank box forever unchecked?

Oh yes, I understand, it’s all semantics. Most people are not making their Summer Bucket Lists with the idea that they check it off, never to return to it again.

But for me personally, the feel of a checklist, or bucket list if you will, does not sit well.

Now a list, a haphazard compiling of all the fun activities, interests and possibilities we are want to do this fine summer, that I am all over. I love me some brainstorming lists with the circle in the middle branching off all willy-nilly, then branching off the branches off. Messy and colourful and crammed and always looking for more additions, yup, that is my kind of list.

I love that I can wake up every morning, grab my coffee, watch my Tour de France, peer outside at the weather, judge the moods of the family, and look for an adequate fit on what to do today. Strict schedules are not really my thing either. Can one have planned spontaneity? Because that’s how I’d describe myself.

When I was backpacking the world, planning for the trips was almost as fun as the trip itself. Researching, plotting, bookmarking, highlighting and yes, list making brought me so much joy. But only in so much as I can use all that information to be as flexible as possible out on the road. Day-by-day itineraries kill me. I want to know of places/things/people that I’d like to encounter but not set the whens and the hows.

So too my summer preparations. Coming up with loads of ideas there to inspire me on any given day.

Anyways, my chaotic list of ideas makes perfect sense to me, but the girls needed something that made sense to them. So we make a Summer Fun sun. Every day adding sun rays filled with activities from our summer activities compilation. No checking off, rather adding to something. Filling our sun just as we fill our buckets.

Ah yes, Summer Fun is off to a good start!


3 thoughts on “Manifestos & Lists for a Joyful Summer

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  2. I love that this is how you want summer to FEEL! What a great approach. ( I read this a while back and am now coming back to this). I love how these have weaved into your days and post since. The Summer Fun brainstorm is AMAZING. Love how picnics got branched out into places and I think I see Kristin’s Camp on there (?) and how Gratitude has its own thought….Ambleside and Michaels….so many ideas to grab off this brainstorm of fun! Will definitely do this next time. The possibilities seem endless!

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