Broken Wrist, Soaring Spirit

On Kaya’s last full day of school, there is an open-house class party for the last hour. Before I even made it to the door, her teacher comes marching over to me.

Oh, oh.

Kaya had a fall. Her arm is swollen. She’s not moving it much.

Then I see her. Pleading eyes, wanting so desperately to be enjoying her party, but not feeling it.

Not feeling anything other than pain. Her eyes tell me that, not her. She tries to hide it, fight it, ignore it. Moments of giggles with classmates and attempting to play, rudely interrupted by hurt.

We make it through the party, go home to ice it, then cuddle on the couch to watch her dancing dvd.

She falls asleep on me and perhaps I should have known right there to take her to the doctor. My girl has not slept on me since she was a wee baby. Not her style. Instead I don’t move and savour her body melding into me.

Upon waking we do some tests. She can move fingers and arm but does not want to move her wrist. We are assuming sprained wrist at this point and read online (google is great for so many things but damned if it isn’t a horrible doctor!) that doctors can’t really do anything for a sprain. So we stay home with ice and rest instead.

The next morning it is no better but there is one more hour of school and then a promised playdate at her buddies house. She’s been dying to go to his house as we watch him after school and he’s always at our house. The only thing that has kept the end-of-Kindergarten-blues at bay has been this playdate. When I suggest maybe it’s not a good idea, she loses it.

So she goes to school. And she goes on her playdate.

When B and I arrive to lunch with them, I know it’s time to go the doctor.

5 hours after that, we finally arrive back home, with a cast.

It begins with the walk-in clinic. We check-in, have a one hour wait, so we go eat lemon loaf then go home to get our new portable dvd player for the car, set it up and head back to the clinic while hanging in the car to watch Charlotte Diamond. Kaya doesn’t sing along like normal, but she does hum and that makes me feel better, if not her.

After an hour, we go back in and wait another 45 minutes. Kaya is a trooper and we pass the time with iPhone games achievable with one hand and reading books.

After seeing the doc, he leaves it up to me to decide whether I want to X-ray her. I do so he gets Xray to stay open and wait for us to drive to them.

First though, doc puts on a Maxi-Pad splint. Kaya has no clue what that is, but I think it’s funny.

Once at the hospital, to go into X-ray we have to check in with the ER. Only there is no one in the ER (!!) and after waiting 5 minutes, I just go to X-ray. They won’t help me until I check in with the ER so we have to walk all the way back, check-in and back again. Bureaucracy kills me sometimes.

Kaya’s kind of psyched to be in X-ray. I mean come on, Kindergarten’s X lesson is all about the X-ray. Sweet!

After getting in trouble for taking photos, my patience extremely waned by this point, I tell xray tech to lighten up.

He tells me scans look like I’d better head back to the ER to check-in to see a doc.


Back we go. Kaya, all brilliant and graduated from Kindie now, asks why we couldn’t just go to one place to get fixed.

Maybe everything we need to know, we do learn in Kindergarten…

Anyways, we check-in and are put in a room at the end of the ER that has ripped open bags and drawers of tools hanging open.

It is Kaya who clues me in as to where we are when she sounds out the letters “CCC AAA SSSTTT Room”

Ah yes, cast room.

Alrighty then. I attempt to prepare Kaya but she actually seems cool with it so really I’m just more psyching myself up for this reality.

For almost two hours we sit in that room waiting some more. I can not even be annoyed or pissy at this point because I can hear that there are indeed emergencies going on in the ER. A worker with something nasty in his eyes that he’s attempting to flush out and another man vomiting non-stop.

We spend our time reading a lovely story about a dragon and a unicorn, play more iPhone games (THANK YOU iPHONE!), take pictures and text Daddy and Brennyn back home.

Oh, maybe this is a good time to mention that this very morning, Bal had driven in for a vasectomy. He no doubt envisioned being all pampered and catered too upon his return home but instead gets a hurried ‘taking Kaya to doctor, you’re on Brennyn duty. Bye!’ B, who just loves to lunge into laps all day…

LOL. Such is the way eh?!

Finally, Doc arrives and she is lovely and Kaya answers all her questions and I have a moment where I just sort of have to catch my breath as I look at her all graduated from Kindergarten and speaking full-on sentences to an adult instead of batting eyelashes, answering with a nod, and looking at me to answer for her. All while in some serious pain. Oh the pride and adoration I feel for this gorgeous, brave girl of mine!

When asked if she’d like a coloured cast, Kaya asks for rainbow which delights the doctor just about as much as me. But alas, rainbow, nor pink are options, so she picks a purple one.

Before leaving, Doc shows us her X-Ray. Kaya is both fascinated and confused by how such a wee bump in that wrist of hers could be so painful. But there it is, a broken bone.

Only upon getting back in the car, does Kaya get a bit teary. It’s tight, she wants it off, it’s itchy, ‘please mamma, take it off’ she pleads. Oh my poor sweet love, if I could, I would. Instead, snuggles with her bankie and Sheila and Fin

until we get home, where more cuddles occur with mommy, daddy and B. Then mercifully, sleep.

Though family lovin is always good, the next day brings cuddles and treats and get well soon cards from friends.

Two weeks to rock the purple. She’ll totally pull it off!


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