10 months

On Kaya’s first day of Kindergarten, she couldn’t wait to get going. Ten months later, I ask her how she felt about Kindergarten and this is her reply.

First day nerves. Last day confidence.
Giddy though she was on that first day, she still needed her mom’s embrace to comfort her through.No change 10 months later after a big fall prompts a snuggle n’ snooze with mom on the couch.

Walking too school, with tons of time to spare, me worried her backpack was too heavy and presuming Brennyn could not walk that far.
A far cry from 10 months later when we’re running late, I insist she carry her own bag and apparently lost interest in bag weight and proportions for the health of my girls’ back.

Ten months ago, Kaya was not the only one filled with nerves. I was too, sending my girl off to learn lessons, school ones and life ones, without me. Now I know, those lessons, the ones she learns on her own terms, may even be more fulfilling than the ones I teach her myself.

Now I find myself at a loss of words and there are no pictures. Kindergarten is over. Funny how no matter how often I feel it, the passing of time is always somewhat shocking. Kindergarten is over. How did that happen?

Maybe I haven’t processed it yet because I am completely stumped as to how to end this.

What I will say is that I feel amazing about my girls first year of school. I’m not sure that everything you need to know you learn in Kindergarten, but most certainly her foundation for continued growth is so very strong.

And for that, I am filled with gratitude.


One thought on “10 months

  1. a favourite post, for sure! love love love your reflection. i have a draft post right now about approaching kindergarden. this reminds me that i should get back to it before 10 months is up! in the blink of an eye, eh? yay for kaya’s big accomplishment!

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