Lighthouse Park

Eventually I do leave Oliver’s Landing and head to the city for a bit of shopping. Shopping is not my thing either but after getting a couple of things that have been nagging at me to be done and finding the perfect gift for Brennyn for her birthday, the outside beckons me again. At first I consider walking from Park Royal to Ambleside but then remember all this freedom I have and decide to drive the meandering road to Lighthouse Park instead.


Once there, I eat lunch, take photos for other people, and loop in and out of trails before finding the one trail Bal and I used to love hitting when we lived in Vancouver (over 8 years ago- akk!)

I love me some westcoast woods! Moss and moisture and big ass trees meet mud and GREEN and arbutus leans.

Upon reaching the viewpoint, this greets me.
Then this.

Then I realize I am intruding somebody elses meditative moment,

but snap the photo anyways…

When she leaves, I nestle myself against an arbutus and again, just take it all in.

My brain doesn’t slow for long before thinking this would be a great self-portrait spot. Only after setting up my camera do I realize I left the remote in the car, so I set it on self-timer multi shot. This just makes me laugh so hard. Supposed to be a self-portrait of me being all zen against the arbutus overlooking the Pacific, only zen is thrown over cliffside!

Soon after this, people arrive and I play it all cool. What? Me? Self-portrait? Nawww?

Not that they cared so focused on their task at hand, jumping off the cliff.

Oh okay, belaying but it still looked intimidating!

Eventually we strike up a conversation.

“Nice day to take photos!”

“Nice day to climb!”

Celebrating each others passions with questions and encouragement. Love that.

Once they both go over the edge, I decide I need to explore a bit more and see if I can find a way down to see them actually climb.

Scrambling my way precariously down, I find a spot. Can you see that tree I was looking down on? And see the white blob below it? That’s a climber!

I can’t help but cheer them on as this is only their second outdoor climb ever. So fun!

Three hours pass in a blink here and now it is time to go home.

Rejuvenated and ready to take on Mom duties once again!


3 thoughts on “Lighthouse Park

  1. love this. way to go on that self-shot. i haven’t been to lighthouse park since 2006. how great to be reminded through your photos of how gorgeous it is.

    • There was a dog down at the bottom standing on the rocks going crazy catching waves (with his mouth, not a board!) Was hilarious!

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