A Photography Meditation

After far too many months without a day off, I was in absolute need of a recharge day. That’s the thing about being a stay-at-home mom, moments to be anything other than mom are few and far between.

I’m not really a spa type girl. No need for pampering, just in need of a day to be Kari, not Mom.

There are a few things I need in the city, so I set out with no real itinerary. My first stop is here,

Continuing my drive, on a whim I veer into the next exit, Oliver’s Landing, where my plan is to sit in silence, savour my coffee and read in peace, oceanside.

My reward for doing so?

Oh hello Eagle.

Bad shot, wrong lens on, but a guy was headed straight for him, so I just snapped what I could. The picture is not perfect, but the moment was.

Staring until he is out of sight, I stroll along appreciating the calm of the ocean. There is the slightest of breezes, not enough to make my bare arms shiver, nor the ocean ripple, just a soft kiss on my cheeks. Welcoming.

More walking where I observe robins, sparrows, bright yellow birds to which I have no name, hummingbirds, snakes, bees and butterflies. Better, I hear them all. Flaps, twirps, buzzes, slithers and vibrations creating music for the soul. No specially crafted playlists necessary.

Upon rounding a bend, BAM, my senses are onslaughted.

With views.

With rushing waters coming home.

With wafts of cultivated flowers,

then wild ones.

Oh, the wild ones!

Foxgloves rising up to the sun even while gazing down to earth. An orchestra of silent bells but for the bees buzzing and critters crawling.

And daisies. Dear, sweet, daisies, such strength and boldness in your simplicity.

In between crouching in weeds and scaling logs, I sit. Just sit and take it all in. An informal meditation if you will, which is the best kind if you ask me since my brain doesn’t overthink the shoulds of meditation, and just rests. In one of these times, I notice a fisherman down the way standing in his waders just outside the mouth of the river. I watch him attach a lure, cast his line, and then, much to my surprise, realize that he is doing just as I am.

Taking it all in. Meditating on his own terms.

Fishing, his medium allowing for relaxation and calm. Mine, photography.

My clicks and his casts, welcome activities to the hums and roars of LIFE happening all around.

Lucky us.


One thought on “A Photography Meditation

  1. sounds like a wonderful way to spend time kari. this post left me wanting to see more of your photos. they are gorgeous! how exciting to be inspired in every direction you look.

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