Rainbow Cloud Magic

Have you ever been driving your car and screeched over to the side of the road to marvel at a rainbow?

Have you ever had kids ooh and ahh over the rainbows at the gas station?

Have you ever been listening to the Rainbow song when a rainbow thus appeared?

Have you ever jumped in ginormous puddles with a rainbow as your backdrop?

Have you ever walked down the road in a torrential downpour only to discover rainbow trails of cars splashing by and screamed RAINBOW every time one did?

Have you ever looked in the rearview window and been delighted with a rainbow view and turned around just so you could enjoy it?

I may have taken for granted a sunset before. Certainly a sunrise as I mumble and grumble about the necessity of caffeine. Most definitely taken for granted the rain and I can hardly imagine but am sure I have ignored the sun.

But I have never, nor would my children ever let me, taken for granted the wonder of a rainbow.

So today as I sit at a traffic light, bored of the mundane grocery shop I was on my way home from, I am awaken from my reverie at a couple in the car in front of me, fingers pointing madly, windows being rolled down, gleeful bounces moving the car and I peer over to what ever they could be so excited about.

And there it was. A rainbow cloud!
I snap this with my iPhone while driving my car but quickly make it home and grab my Nikon. Though it has started to fade, I still manage a couple of shots.

There are times when we are dancing about chanting ‘rainbow, rainbow, rainbow!’ and people look over at us and smile, sometimes smirk, often just plain ignore us just as they’re doing to the rainbow and I craft a ‘If I were ruler of the Universe’ clause whereby every rainbow must elicit a happy dance. Oh yes. Just as we know a red light means stop, we should know too that a rainbow means we dance (or twirl or jump or fist pump.)

I think this again today when my gleeful photo taking and exaltations of magic are interrupted by a woman who doesn’t even see the cloud. She thinks I’m getting all excited about the white cloud trails and when finally does see the rainbow remarks “I wonder if it’s a gas mishap?”

She’s not alone in her doom-and-gloom outlook. Just google ‘rainbow cloud’ and you will see an urban legend pop up that rainbow clouds forewarn of impending earthquakes. Googling it will also teach you the science but as far as this post goes, just look at this and tell me that’s not


PS. When I pick Kaya up from school, I find out she saw the rainbow cloud too! I am so excited that she got to see it, I start jumping up and down. Kaya is a bit more muted what with being in the middle of her playground and I am clearly not being cool. Still, she doesn’t stop me, just pulls my arm so I can bend down to hear her whisper in my ear “I think the fairies must have done that!”

What can I say to that, but totally agree.


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