Six-Word Stories with Pictures

My iPhone has ruled the way in the past week and I had a ton of random photos from random activities that I could not design into a cohesive post. So I bring you the randomness by way of some six-word stories much in the vain of the more poetic six-word memoirs.

Sports day- nostalgia and presence combine.

Trick or treat, trick for treats.

Victory or defeat, daddy high-fives welcome.

Magic is: hide-and-seek in the forest.

Cheering for daddy: Mud is Fun!

Mud is so fun! Right Bal?

Dancing on Daddy’s Shoes video enjoyment.

Sixth tooth brings shine and sparkles.

Anticipation builds for hovercraft, then wanes.

Every playdate this week made forts.

Is there another kind of paintball?

Huge smile upon random notes appearing.

Nature is cool


An 11-word story


Math Art

“This is the end
Beautiful friend” ~The Doors


One thought on “Six-Word Stories with Pictures

  1. i love the randomness. just this past week, kevin put some sort of card in my phone and i can now transfer photos to my laptop! i am so looking forward the eventual download and i am sure i will do a random post as well. so neat to look back on the week this way, isn’t it!

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