Befuddled and Bewitched

My girls are masters at leaving me dumbfounded. Sometimes with answers unknown, sometimes out of pure cheekiness. This week with both and by both.

Wine is my friend these evenings.

Brennyn leaving me befuddled:

“Brennyn, don’t do that to the wall!” (as she pulls plaster off all willy nilly)
“Because it wrecks it.”
“Because it wrecks it.”
“Because it makes it look ugly.”
“Why?” then, not waiting for my exasperated sigh, “Look mom. It is not ugly. It looks like a dinosaur and that is pretty!”


Brennyn having me bewitched:

After nap, she climbs up on me for a cuddle, squeezing tight. I nestle in her neck just as she reaches around my shoulder, grabs a pen from the desk and starts ‘writing’ on a piece of paper. “S T B R K” she says as she jots little scratches that looks like a sporadic liar on a polygraph test.

“Brenn, do you want me to show you what your name starts with? Do you want to make a B?” I ask without ever having considered that she was at a point where she could print letters.

“YES!” she responds enthusiastically.

So I print a capital B. And she follows suit.

Which totally blows my mind. Because sometimes I forget that my baby isn’t so baby anymore.


Kaya leaving me befuddled:

Out of nowhere, “Mom, are fairies real?”
My mind races up and down and all around about how I want to answer this at this point, but my stalling allows Kaya to carry on first.
“Well, I know the Tooth Fairy is real and all her fairy friends, which are a lot, but what about the book ones?”
“Uh, well, umm…” Clearly I am not ready for this.
“You know the goblins in those books? Well you told me before that those aren’t real so I don’t think the rainbow fairies can be real.”

So we can use deductive reasoning now can we. Damn.

“Well sweetie, I’ve never seen those fairies before so they could be real, I just haven’t seen them.”
“So maybe there are goblins?”
“Yah, the ones on the ski hill!” I joke (and attempt to evade) as Brennyn called gondola’s goblins all winter.
Kaya does not find it so funny judging by her crinkled brow and pinched lips.
“So they’re not real and so I don’t think the fairies are either. All the girls in my class think they are real but I don’t. but I won’t tell them that.”

Nope, I am so not ready for this.

But then she proceeds to colour a rainbow picture of surfers on a wave (me and Kaya) with fairies flying above.

All this growth and learning bewitching too:

Kaya’s last field trip was a walk in the woods near our house and her school. We went on the same walk in the winter where they drew pictures of what they saw. This time they wrote the words (and drew pictures.) My wee girl, walking, observing, comparing and jotting down her notes.

Befuddled and bewitched and completely wonder-filled.


One thought on “Befuddled and Bewitched

  1. love it! great moments captured! you’ve prepped me for that tooth fairy question! thanks for the heads up. must start thinking about that one……I recall someone once telling me that they told their daughter than if you BELIEVE in the MAGIC of santa claus then he really comes and he is true….might try to craft some response along these lines….of course i’ll never really be prepared for her comments or questions that will come in response, eh?!

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