A Spidey Princess Cheeky Monkey

“Spiderman! You can not wear high heels on the toilet!”

Even as I’m saying it, I acknowledge the absurdity of it. And by on the toilet, I mean on it. Walking into the bathroom, there Brennyn is, dressed as Spiderman in pink highheels, standing on top of the toilet seat with a glimmer in her eyes that tells me she is about to give tap dancing a try. Even though she can barely stand in the bloody things.

What a nutter.

She gets down safely but then circles our upstairs clomping on heels doing ninja kicks singing something that sounds like ‘Blah Blah Blah’ to the tune of Spiderman.

Just a day in the life…

Spidey and Riley conversing about rolling over and web swinging. I can only presume…

Spot the Spidey (actually 2) in Kaya’s Kindergarten class for a nature walk and picnic in her classmates backyard.

And then it is time to come home for a nap. For the first time ever, she does not demand ask for a su-su and since Bal keeps pushing for her to be done with it, I decide to see if she’ll actually nap without it. I hear her talking and playing as I go downstairs for lunch but when I come up, it is quiet so I go for a shower.

Only when I come out, I can hear her again. Chattering away an hour into ‘nap’ time. When I try to go into the bedroom, I find her body blocking my way and when she doesn’t want to budge, I become suspicious.

“What are you up to in there?”

She giggles.

Uh Oh.

Finally she moves and I come inside to this.

And when I laugh outright, to this.

Never a dull moment with Cheeky Monky Spidey Princesses in the house that’s for sure!


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