Mindfulness has been a focus this week and oh how the world comes alive when you are open to it!

After seeing our pictures of lupins, Brennyn tells me she wants more pictures but she wants to smile this time. Laughing, I immediately pack up the stroller so B can get herself a smiley shot. Brennyn dresses herself special for the occasion. We manage a couple before fleeing the downpour that quickly arrives.

The next day is sunnier so we bike and visit the river. Sometimes for me, having my camera allows me to be more present, seeing art in the everyday and capturing it. Other times, I leave it be while I just exist in the moments. Biking to the river is so fully alive in my brain, no pictures necessary.

  • the waft of roses passing the community garden
  • stopping to pet two horses eating a delectable snack of clover and grass
  • the burst of laughter when I look behind me at the bike trailer and see Brennyn lined with mud.  She refused the rain cover wanting to feel the wind on her face.
  • playing dodge the slugs (which transports me back to my trailer park days, 9 years old and racing down the road on my bike with the sole purpose of crunching as many grasshoppers as possible. A cruel, yet deeply satisfying game of CRUNCH!)
  • stopping to inspect a family of slugs surrounding and presumably eating a snail
  • a penetrating, persistent QUACK by a mamma duck protecting her wee ducklings after Riley ran into the water for a game of chase. Do not mess with a protective mamma!

Then we stop to explore the riverbanks and my camera comes out. Wildflowers, jumping rocks, laughing about wet feet (for though we jump amazing, our landing needs improvement), digging, rock throwing fun!

Not sure what she is doing here but I suspect she is pretending the sticks are the horsies and this is her impression of a horsey eating!
Playing with bokeh. Too much but I just love this heart rock (which I brought home as a gift for Kaya)

We see so much. Better, we feel it. Getting down and dirty with hands in sand and noses in flowers and feet sinking in muck.

Our senses alive with all this life, presence comes easy.

No longer focused on mindfulness since we are far too busy being mindful.


One thought on “Awake

  1. great story and photos kari! love your little busy bee as the horse! such a cute expression! oh and what a gorgeous shot of princess b in the lupins – ALL SMILES! one for a frame for sure!

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