A Walk to School

Today, like every other day, we walk to school.

Though I may have grumbled about the cool, wet June day as I gathered gumboots and umbrellas, I also took a moment to appreciate the value of a walk in the rain.

Or a walk in the heat. Or for the days we dance there and also for the days of trips and tears.

Because there is value, I think, in a walk to school.

Where you pass your neighborhood, with your neighbors, to meet at your community gathering place.

Where some days you’d prefer the ease of the car, but know that teaching your kids that easy isn’t always the way.

Where there is time for reflection or chats or calm after the hurried pace to get out the door, and before the frenzied activity of the playground.

Where we pick flowers, stomp in puddles, blow dandelion wishes and learn the lessons of the road.

Driving would not give me a chance to smell the, err, dandelions,

or notice the heart on our path, greeting us everyday.

3:00pm is nearing now and the rain still pours. I could drive, and on a handful of days this year, have done so, but not today.

Today we will walk.

Knowing that grumbles quickly turn to puddle jumping giggles or slide zooming or head-banging wet hair fun.

Of course, sometimes it doesn’t. No matter, those very same grumbles turn to curl-up-with-a-good-book cuddles upon arriving home.

Lessons to learn and value to be gained from walking to and from school.


4 thoughts on “A Walk to School

  1. love love love this post…. because it is your everyday (walking to school) and i love that you’ve captured it here! all the small things add up to big memories!

    • I surprised myself with this post actually as I don’t always love the walk. Well, most days I do but on days such as this when the rain pours down or the ones where I am grumpy or the girls are, it is not something I look forward too. And yet always I see the value in it. The significance of the neighborly community, the implied benefits for body and mind…

      • i like when i catch a glimpse of you guys walking. ; ) i can imagine that the snowy, slushy and rainy days will not be my favourite. i’ll be tempted to drive for sure!

        • I’m pretty sure it was on one of those cold, blustery days, with my head held down, that I spotted the heart. Now I see and adore it every single day 🙂

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