Baby Zombies vs Coffee Monster & Other Wknd Fun

So turns out Kaya’s pictures from our biking jaunt far out-shone my own. To be fair, I’d like to point out that while Kaya’s subject was exceptionally cooperative and good-natured, my subjects complained endlessly about scratchy grass and hunger pains…

Still, I managed a few keepers.
Brennyn just wasn’t quite feeling it today.

What a day…

Not one to fight what works, we head into Sunday with nary a plan in place.

The morning begins with coffee and a book by a window, as any good Sunday should. So too should it have two kooky monkey’s walking in holding baby dolls chanting “WE ARE ZOMBIES. WE ARE ZOMBIES. WE ARE ZOMBIES.” They wisely choose a robot voice in favour of the tired Zombie grunt.

“Um, excuse me, why are there Baby Zombies coming to get me?” I ask, as surely I should.

“Cuz we are here to EAT BRAINS!” Giggle, giggle.

Which is when I turn into the well-known, and slightly feared COFFEE MONSTER- ARRRRGGGHHH! and they go squealing to Daddy that the monster needs her coffee.

Good morning to me!

With that motivation to get out of bed, we decide to head up to the lake to cheer on some half-marathon trail runners before cheering on our own girl and friends running the kids 1km. I don’t know all, it felt big. I actually thought that Bal may have to pick her up and carry her for a bit (he ran behind with the other parents). But only because I am a delusional mom who hasn’t quite grasped the growth of my girl. For she ran the whole thing, and fast! So proud!

After getting home and eating some lunch, a text comes through from a friend.

Bouncy castle is up! Kaya’s friend is here. You should come over

So while B and Bal nap, we go to play. Would you just look at this crazy cool fun!

Full up on sun and gratitude.

What a weekend…


2 thoughts on “Baby Zombies vs Coffee Monster & Other Wknd Fun

  1. The girls and I read this together over breakfast this morning. Of course they loved the Zombie babies. I love Riley dog’s photo! She’s smiling for you for sure! Kamille got all upset to see that Kaya had pink riding gloves. Her’s are black and apparently no good anymore after seeing Kaya’s PINK ones!

    • Let me tell you a pink story. B has just started caring about getting the pink spoon or bowl or cup. This morning I had had enough and threatened to take out all the pink dishes so there wouldn’t be any more fighting over them. A little while later Kaya comes up and whispers “Mom, are you really going to throw out everything pink in our house?” She’s dead serious. I snort laugh. “Well, um, no sweetie, I was just talking about the dishes. We wouldn’t have anything left in our house if I took away everything pink!”
      “Oh, good, because I wanted to wear pink to school and don’t want to be naked. “

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