Me- Thru The Eyes of My Girl

FOR HIRE: One 5-year-old girl with wicked photography skills. Portraits a specialty. Will work for Ice Cream.

Actually no, I’d rather hoard her skills for my own benefit.

Because just look at this:

Oh look, a rare picture of Bal and I together,

And an awesome one of us with her sis.

Not to be left out, Brennyn wants a turn so takes a picture of Kaya with Mommy.

But Kaya would rather be behind the lens so she gets the camera back. Then, as though she’s been doing it her whole life (yes, all 5 years of it…), she doesn’t just take a picture, she tells a story.

Here’s a picture she took of Brennyn,

looking at me.
Then captures my favourite series of photos EVER.

I love this sooooo much, not only because she captures me being goofy, but because her photos capture her reaction to my silliness. With each funny face, my head getting more and more cut off as she giggles and shoots.

Reminding me of some valuable lessons. Photography is more than the subject. It is an essence and mood. Instilling some of myself into the photos can be as crucial as what lies within the square of the viewfinder. Rules and camera quality be damned. The perfect picture need only create feeling.

Anyways, Kaya was not done. We move on to a new place and she wants me to model again so I oblige.

Thank you my girl for allowing me to see myself through your eyes. What I see is




Though I see it everyday looking at you, you giving me the chance to see it in myself, a treasured gift.

With infinite love XOX


2 thoughts on “Me- Thru The Eyes of My Girl

  1. oh…..i lloooooovvvveeeee these! what an awesome series of photos OF YOU!
    what talent from miss kaya. this must be the field on the way to bp? (i saw ct’s photos of j there too!) must get myself there!
    love your dress, love your fun! i could look at all these photos over and over again! definitely need to print them out for a frame!
    ironically, i gave my camera to kamille yesterday while we were up at the valley and she took photos of kevin, karis and i and then karis and i. ( to come in a post one day! ) the talent must be hereditary, eh? she certainly loves it!

    • Yes, now the problem is I’m convinced I need to buy myself a new lens so I can put this one on my old camera for Kaya! She loved being behind the camera instead of in front for sure 🙂 And she totally set me up too, giving me the lupin, telling me to put it behind my ear, then telling me to have silly faces. The girl has talent!!
      Such a fun bonding day with my big girl and yes, will be framing some for sure! Tomorrow’s post are my pics.

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