Simple Days

Simple days, waking up with no plans or itinerary, often turn into the most valued ones. Such was this Saturday.

A morning spent lounging with coffee and reading and kids racing around playing a not very hideable hide-n-seek.

Sunny skies called us outdoors so an impromptu family bike ride commences.

In our excitement to go, we do not bring the bike trailer as back-up for Brennyn and Daddy leaves the backpack behind filled with snacks and water bottles so our family time is cut somewhat short. Still, we manage some fun before Bal takes B home and Kaya and I carry on to explore. My girl has shown an interest in photography on this day so we take turns taking photos. Kaya’s favourite is the bus going by, but I’ll share my favourite photos she took in another post. The girl has talent!

Leading the way, Kaya decides to take me over a bridge and down a dodgy hill (that we end up walking our bikes down) so that she can be down in the trails. Like her mamma, she prefers the quiet calm of the trails to ride than the smooth busyness of the road.
She’s kinda fast…

After a fantastic ride, we arrive home to play in the back greenspace. The neighborhood is alive on sunny weekends with kids squealing, dogs frolicking and drinks in hand. The plan is to head to the Farmer’s Market as a family but Brennyn needs a nap and Kaya is absorbed in secret fort play so I sneak out to go on my own. I park by this,
See the bee?
Then buy myself this,
Oh how I love summer Farmer’s Markets, especially hometown ones bursting with creative souls selling their wares. Just so you know Mr Carpenter Man, if I had the expendable cash, I would so totally buy the Wooden Piano Squirrel Feeder. Damn, I didn’t get a picture but trust me in its awesomeness!

Back home, Kaya has been begging me since we bought her Toms three weeks ago, to paint them. So we have our own personal Toms Painting Party! Kaya had put in the order for a rainbow of colours so I had that, along with stick-on stencils of flowers and butterflies. So. Much. Fun.

Kaya was just delighted and though I began fearing disastrous results, I too became delighted. Before even knowing what they were going to look like. Because Kaya and I were together, painting shoes, being creative and having fun. The end result of that truly didn’t matter.

But in the end, we were both thrilled with our work!

The day continues on with backyard play, smoothies made (graduating to cosmos shortly), trout barbecued, and a whole lot of soaking up the sun.

A simple day.

The best kind.


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