Out of the Mouth (& Hearts) of Babes

Was just having a lovely moment with Kaya outside where I was full of gratitude at the adoring look she was gazing up at me with. The moment passes when I realize she is gazing adoringly into my sunglasses, at herself!


“Mom, I’m 28 years old. How old are you?”

“Well, if you’re 28, I’m really old.”

“No you’re not! You’re just a mommy. Gammy is really, really old.”


Brennyn drew her 1st portrait. She says it’s me but I’m an awfully bald, grumpy dude with a penis…


“Mom, you’re rubbing your belly like that because there’s a baby inside right?”

“NO there is NOT, I assure you.”

“Well, it looks like there is.”


To Mom, Dad and Kaya not B because Brennyn will might draw on it…

Let the passive-aggressive sisterly battles commence!


Brennyn jumps for joy “Oh, oh! I want that!” waving her magic wand about.

“Well, we have our own puppy at home.”

“No silly! I want that…” as her wand directs me at the Harley vrooming by.


You know how I know this was all Brennyn?

Cinderella’s upside down shades…


Poor Daddy…


“Mom, I’m going to draw me pretty.

I’m going to draw you pretty too.

Except with dirty clothes…”


Just for Kaya and just for B too written in pen on their doll house. Nice of her to include her sister at least.


“Are there any dinosaurs alive mom?” asked knowing the answer but really wishing for there to be.

“No, they’re extinct.”

In an excited, manic sort of run on sentence, “I knew it, I knew there is some alive, pink ones I hope, and good thing they stink so we know if we get too close!”


Brennyn is deciding between a grilled cheese and hot dog for lunch, “Mmmmm, I stink hot dog!”

“Excuse me?”

“I stink hot dog!”

“I think hot dog?”

“Yah, I stink hot dog.”

“No B, it’s I think…”

Then wrinkling up her nose as only the properly mischievous can, “Yah, I think I stink hotdogs.”

Knowing she’s just given me a hilarious punch line, she proceeds to march around the house yelling in perfect linguistic form,



Never a dull moment…


3 thoughts on “Out of the Mouth (& Hearts) of Babes

  1. Shout out to my iPhone Notepad app cuz 3 of those occurrences I had totally forgot about until rereading them while browsing thru it! Extinct Stink Dino included.

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