No Adults Allowed!

Our May long tradition continued this year with another wonderful camp-out with friends at Deception Pass.

As I reflect on the weekend, it occurs to me that I never did get a really good sit-down-and-chat-about-life visit in with our friends. Nor was there much quality time with my kids. Nor did I take as many photos as I normally do.

‘That’s fun?’ you might wonder.

Well, yes. Because watching my kids explore with the other kids is one of the greatest joys of parenthood. Seeing them learn and try and discover and risk makes my heart swell with pride and purpose.


Sometimes (oh okay, a lot of the time) it made me nervous. This years camp trip, for me, was about balancing letting go with keeping safe.

Because Kaya was gone most of the day. Off adventuring with the other kids in secret passageways, forts and trees. Even amongst kids yelling “NO ADULTS ALLOWED!”, one of us was constantly checking in only to be shooed away again.

Then there was Brennyn. Two-years-old and determined, determined, to keep up with big sis and friends. Unfortunately, she is two and mamma had to swoop in on numerous occasions so the girl would not get lost/maimed/scratched or otherwise broken.

Needless to say, drinks were well-deserved by campfire time. (And to give you a taste of what that was like, here’s a friends Facebook update upon arriving home:

Another great May Long! Lots of Joy and Pain, a little Poison and don’t forget about that Brass Monkey! Remember It Takes Two to Bust A Move!

Then a response:

Dont blame it on the rain though.

Oh yes friends, we went old school!

We did manage a few quiet moments too. Our family picnic on the beach, oblivious that we had become an artists muse.

Then sneaking off with my big girl for an hour of quality time together. Kaya had gone on a walk with the kids and some other adults earlier in the day but she wanted to share the adventuring with me. I love that she wanted to make sure I was not missing out!

So up we went. And up, and up. Though I know there were trails we could have gone up to the viewpoint, Kaya insisted on taking me up the rock face instead. Awesome. (Laced in sarcasm that…)

No, beyond my mamma nervous nellies, it was awesome. Worrying subsides upon seeing this face full of pride conveying ‘I totally rocked it eh mamma!’.

Next we journey through ‘fairyland’,

and to a magic castle where she creates a secret doorway to escape the monsters after us.

After some fabulous one-on-one time with Kaya, we head back to the gang. Honestly, with so many people and so many different things going on at the same time, it’s hard to capture the chaos and fun. Naively, I do try.
But what I realize now looking back at the photos, and what a wedding photographer might have advised, is that capturing individual moments make for more of a whole, than the whole itself.

I will have to remember that for next year.

Still, occasionally the whole works to tell a story too.

Especially when comparing through the years.

2007- No group shot as the kids were too little (or not yet arrived!) So here’s my rolly polly gorgeous Kaya
Note that this is the only time we have visited under the bridge what with all the open cliffs and zero fences!

2008-2009- Due to pregnancy and a business, we missed these years.

2010- I will never forget trying to get these kids on a log! Oh the crying, running away, demanding mommy be near, forgotten kids CHAOS!

2011- A fairly successful group shot (though one or two may be missing)

And again 2012-

A May long tradition everlasting.

See you next year!


2 thoughts on “No Adults Allowed!

  1. how did i miss that amazing fb status. i am totally diggin’ the throwback. did you know that 80’s and early 90’s pop is my absolute fav music! true. kevin thinks i am a geek.
    love this post. love the thoughts on the individual moments vs the whole.
    love baby kaya! so delish!

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