Happy Mother’s Day to Me

This is a post about the most perfect of Mother’s Day.

Perfect, I should note, does not mean perfect all. Dictionary perfect would require smiles all day with frolicking and rainbows while butterflies flutter and poo-filled diapers are not a possibility.

Perfect, on this day for honouring mother’s, requires a mom-like consideration. When your children are adorned in boogers and crumbs, poop and bruises, moms see right through all that straight to the laugh, the sparkle, the joie de vivre.

Mamma magic.

So though this day was not perfect, it was.

Starting with girly giggles and morning bodyslams. Followed up with coffee in bed served with a painted frame filled with some of our favourite photos.

Kaya made me this hand-heart card, Clichéd though it may be, truly a thought-out craft that tells me ‘Thank You. I love how you are fun, fun’ makes this mamma’s day!

She made that, along with a flower planter that she designed and created herself, in Kindergarten. If you look closely, you may see the butterfly adornment. My girl has an eye!

Brennyn doesn’t really get what is going on and seems perplexed at presents for mommy (not her) and girlie dresses.

Just look at that picture. A sucky B and an exaggerated Kaya is not the perfect picture I was hoping for. But the thing is, it is so, so perfect.

Realizing that, in that moment , is a gift, so I get goofy with my big girl.

And then give my little girl the cuddle she needs.

Bal has made a brunch reservation and we set off for the most scrumptious brunch I have had in years. Delicious food, company and views!

This perfect moment brought to you with kids sneaking stinky feet on the table, girlie bellies and boobies flashing our fellow patrons, and a just-sit-down-with-hot-coffee-and-brunch-when-Kaya-needs-to-poo.

Throughout brunch, the view has been calling to us, so with bellies stuffed we head outside to take a Mother’s Day photo.

Remember awhile back when Kaya drew Angry Me? Though I laughed quite heartily at her picture of our family, I also fretted a bit. Did she really see me as angry? If so, when? Always? Just when Daddy goes away? Just that morning she drew it? The next day, Kaya, never a big talker, was chatting plenty so I took the opportunity to ask her,

“How would you describe yourself?” After a bit further explanation,

“I like to draw.”

“How would you describe Brennyn?”

“Grumpy” Haha, some things stayed just as her family portrait portrayed.

“How would you describe Daddy?”


Moment of truth time. “How would you describe Mommy.”


Back to Mother’s Day outside of the restaurant enjoying the views, my heart flips and swells and bursts and grows, when my girl can not go home until, as she says it, “we go on an Adventure Walk. Follow me Mom!” Another gift from my girl.

We’re all game. Of course. Brennyn kicks off her shoes, grabs my hand, and we run.

After a perfectly adventurous stroll full of laughs, monster chases and races, we head back to the car with blisters, tears, and pouts.

“Though you can have grief without adventures, you cannot have adventures without grief.” ~Catherynne M Valente

Quoted in one of the best books I have ever read (but I’ll get to that in another post!)

Motherhood- full of adventure and grief, frustration and grace, exasperation and love.

Love that is perfect.

If ya know what I mean.


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