Self-Portrait Silliness

One of our treasure hunt photos of the week is to draw a mustache on ourselves and take a self-portrait of that. Not thrilled with drawing one on, I stop at the dollar store to buy one only they were out (sold out of mustaches- awesome!) and so I improvise.

Silly prop is on the list too, but something is not right. I’m just not quite feeling it.

So I leave it be and have a play with my girls. When in need of inspiration, especially silly inspiration, always always go play with your kids.

After a few rounds of bonk the balloon off your noggin’, nap time comes. As I look for the su-su, I pass by this book (delightful little story by the way!), and know what I have to do.


We already have a couple blown up for fun purposes but I blow up some more, tie them all together and voila:

Silly me, captured!

And fun, being as contagious as it is, meant bed jumping had to be done.

Silliness comes easier when kids are around but amongst an oversized glitter bow-tie and balloons, I didn’t really need the kids today.

Of course, soon nap time is done and school is out and they need no invitation to start leaping, balloon bashing and giggling. But those pictures I haven’t developed yet. All about me this week friends!

Fun, fUn, fuN!


One thought on “Self-Portrait Silliness

  1. omg, this makes me laugh!!! i can only imagine your girls thoughts if they saw you…”holy poop! mom is going crazy!” can’t wait for more more more!

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