Self-Portrait- Gratitude

I have 1.5 hours to myself. Groceries need to be bought, banking needs to be done. Self-portrait photo treasure hunt needs to be attempted. Ladies and gents, here is your winner!

Since taking a walk around the estuary last weekend, I immediately have a vision of some family photos here on a marvelous sunny day. Though there is neither family, nor sun, I decide I am deserving of my vision and set out to practice self-portraits.

My thoughts are full of gratitude at having this photography class creative outlet,  for having a break from kids, for being outside even on this drizzly day, and for stepping outside my comfort zone taking photos not of things, but of me. Grateful or not, the first 20-30 snaps I attempt are full of awkward poses and strained faces. Eventually though, I get comfortable. With wind blowing and birds singing, I begin a stroll down the tracks.Before long, an eagle soaring in the wind drafts distracts me from over-thinking things, and I become content in the moment to just watch in wonder.

And finally capture myself in a photo that I just adore.

Beyond the tranquility, I get playful too. A new view brings the fun.And funny. (My scarf cracks me up here!) Turning the lens on myself has me realize the importance of documenting more of me, both alone and interacting with my family. Our story, this wildly gorgeous family of mine, becomes more  complete, more true that way.

So much for my self-portrait grumbles…


3 thoughts on “Self-Portrait- Gratitude

  1. i love love love this and can’t believe how in sync we sometimes are without knowing it. i have been obsessed with the idea of self portraits since the recent series on i heart faces ( gotta check out maryanne’s website too for inspiration if you haven’t been there already. AND i have also been looking into a couple of online course, perhaps thinking that in june when i am off school i could be inspired to do one. very cool. glad to have another site to look into for type of learning. we must talk so i can get your impressions or thoughts on it so far! how fun!
    and most of all, i love love love your shots! and great edits on them to suit the cloudy mood! such a valid point about the importance of capturing you.
    tomorrow! i’ll get to it. i am inspired.

  2. Although I am not nearly the photog that you are, I am the one who takes all the family pictures and documenting, I often think that if anything ever happened to me my kids would have no pictures of me, so thank you for reminding me to turn the lens sometimes, whether it will be pretty or not, at least I am there. Thanks for sharing.

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