Page 7- Purple

Purple is Pretty

Here’s a little picture I took.

To you,  maybe it’s a decent picture. Cute in a colour and playful way. But to me, oh it has a story to tell.

Kaya ‘forgot’ her rain boots at school (the ongoing battle of the week) and wore these on our nature walk instead. The buttons broke so the strings kept dragging and she tripped 5+ times which, by the 3rd, had us all giggling. Then in the forest she had to pee so I told her to go in a bush. Only it’s a new season and she has forgotten the art of the squat over the winter and peed all over her boots and pants. Not to worry, we soon become trapped by high flowing water and have to wade through water to escape, washing the boots off but also soaking her toes.

Fortunately I have the wisdom to pull out some Kettle Popcorn at about this time so when the torrential downpour then arrives, their mouths are too stuffed (and happy) to complain.

Sunshine even made an appearance. Which means a big ol’ rainbow arrives to which we do what we always do upon spotting a rainbow, cheer and do the silly dance.

Still pouring though, we walk along the road for the last bit so we can get home faster. Every time a vehicle drives by, it spits up water that then meets the determined sun and every car has a stunning rainbow tail. Soaking wet with pee and flood waters and rain, us three girls stroll down that road screaming “RAINBOW!” every time a car passes. A lot of cars pass us.

On paper this walk with my girls may not seem special, but oh this is one that I won’t forget. Where increment weather, peeing incidents, and eye rolls (mine at the forgotten rain boots) magically transforms into adventuring, giggling, rainbow-cheering JOY!

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it.” ~Alice Walker


2 thoughts on “Page 7- Purple

  1. love that last quote. seems that purple is a rare standout! kaya’s picture is cute here! and most of all, love that the story of the photo has been captured. perfect!

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