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Kaya’s Kindergarten class and the rest of the school celebrated Earth Day this past Tuesday. Kaya came home with a tree to be planted and a question. “Mom, what does Earth day mean?”

I tell her it’s a day to celebrate nature. A day to pick up garbage left behind, recycle, respect our environment and learn about all the ways we can help our Earth be clean and safe.

She looks confused. “So, like…” crinkling her brow unsure,

“Like every day?”

“Exactly!” I say and have a fist-pumping I-am-doing-this-job-right moment.

And then we have a talk about how some people are not so appreciative and kind to our Earth and about what more we can do to help it.

Part of the general answer to that is simply being in it. Nature that is. Amongst the trees and waterways, mountains and skies.

Recently there was an article in the Globe and Mail called ‘Bucket List for Kids: 50 things to do before they’re 12‘ and to be honest, the list made me really, really sad. Sad that we’ve got to a point where we have to have a list for these things. Things like climbing trees and making mud balls. Rolling down hills and looking inside a tree. These are just things kids should do.

Are they not? It boggles my mind that enough kids must not be, in order to write an article in the Globe and Mail.

Which makes me so enormously grateful to live where we live and be who we are. Outdoorsy explorers discovering our planet every day. Sometimes with wild play, other times quieter pursuits.

We do not require, nor do we want, a list to check off as if it’s some accomplishment to do so. Instead my kids do as kids do in nature, with me creating opportunities for them to do so. Which means simply, getting outside.



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