Page 4- Yellow

For this colourful week, I am trying to stick to recent or new photos as a means to spend the days seeing things with fresh eyes.

Unfortunately, the daffodils I planned to  take a photo of were trampled, so this will have to do instead.

I kind of grumble about a dandelion shot but Brennyn is delighted, running through our green space marveling at how ‘pwitty’ all the yellow flowers are.

While walking to the store, my camera stays around my neck on the lookout for yellow inspiration. Nothing is standing out however. With no pops of yellow delighting me, I put the camera away, buy some groceries, pick up my parcel from the post office and go to the coffee shop for a caffeine pick-me-up since the sunshiny yellow is not.

After settling into the chairs with my latte, I tear into the parcel, knowing the new Dear Photograph book is there and one of my pictures is inside. This is the picture I am expecting to see:

But instead I see this:

Just the yellow pop I was looking for!

Two-page spread, pages 96-97, if you want to check it out. So fun!

Just like yellow.


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