Simply the Best

Sometimes when you are in the midst of doing, you merely do. It is only later, upon scanning the photos or watching a video or writing your gratitudes that it occurs to you, doing what you were doing was quite simply awesome!

So it was last Sunday with my family. It was a nothing-special day. No plans to speak of, just a free day to do. We lounge all morning before deciding to take a snack and go for a stroll/bike at the ocean. Only the ocean, we find, is incredibly windy and cold on this day and none of us feels in the mood to make the most of it. So we get back in the car and decide to try the estuary. Half way there, snacks fully eaten, the girls plead for a playground. No swings or climbing structures at the estuary. No food now either. Sensing this spells disaster on this day, we do a quick u-turn and head for the nearest park.

The park, it turns out, is really very fun. Especially when there are bees

and monkey’s about.



and sliding we go!


As lunch looms, we know it is time to head home.

But not before taking flight.

The day felt like a good one. Now looking back, I realize it was a great one. Simple things bringing about the most authentic of laughter.

And joy.


2 thoughts on “Simply the Best

    • Yes, inspiration hit with B in her Bee costume and the cherry blossoms out! Also very happy to get that gappy grin because big front tooth #1 has finally started to make its way out!!

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